Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day two.

You know what...I think we are still at war!

The scale of what is Omaha Beach.

3 Magnificent Men in Nazi gun bunker @ Pointe Du Hoc.

Day two:

Got up later than expected and we were hoping for a fine day wandering around the Omaha Beach memorials that were due north of us. However the day would not go as planned. Firstly we went to Pointe Du Hoc, site of the famous assault on the steep cliffs of the coast by the American Rangers. It was littered with craters from aerial and naval bombardment. T'was truly incredible, and the bunkers there were in the exact condition they were 65 years ago.

After this excursion we headed to Omaha Beach, the site of around 3000 American casualties. We grabbed some Croque Monsieurs and overlooked the mighty beach whilst waving our little British Flags. How fitting.

We were then to visit the Omaha Beach Cemetery, where around 21000 fallen soldiers lie. However, due to a certain President, we weren't even allowed in a village 5km away from the cemetery, never mind the memorial itself. Joke!

So we then decided to head back to our accommodation, and then decided to get the most expensive taxi in history into Bayeux for some tea. And when we got there it started to pour down, so we jumped from the taxi into the downpour with 50 Euros less in our pockets.

After finding a posh restaurant, we sat down in our scruffy, rain sodden clothes and had something to eat. We were quickly hurried out, and we then ordered another swindling taxi to take us home. We arrived home to find Monique setting up some evening drinks for us all with the Yanks joining in also.

We then spent the night with them watching the French television show 'Sing with my childhood music hero'. Truly, truly awful.


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