Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day six.

No lucky lucky here...Despite the glow, it's only bed and breakfast on the menu for day 6 and 7 I'm afraid.

As we reached Somme it all became clear and our mission grew in importance.

The best way of taking care of a Nazi... Memorial for all!

Day six:

''I can see what's happening (what?)

And they don't have a clue (who?) Joe smashed his face up on the road and,

Our trio's down to two (oh)''

Due to injuries sustained to his knee yesterday Joe took an extra day off today and left Jonny Hurricane and Flameboy to brave the road to Amiens alone.

Our route passed into WW1 country today. Amiens sits atop the Somme river, an area which played host to one of the bloodiest single battles in Western military history.

More than 19,000 British soldiers died on the first day of the Somme offensive, nearly twice the total number of Allied dead on D-Day.

Unfortunately, the lure of beers prevented Gavin and Jonno from taking time out to visit the historical sites, but the magnificents have a day off tomorrow to do just that.

Joe shall recommence the conquest on Friday when we make off for Belgium, and hopefully between now and then we'll have something interesting to write about.

Anyway, for now y'all take care.


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  1. well done lads keep up the good work. keeping a close eye on your progress the belfast crew. Chins up not down on the