Monday, 8 June 2009

Day four.

Joe decided it would be a good idea to use his chin as a break at 35 mph down a mountain...Good thing the road was there to break his fall.

Day four: 51 miles.

Unfortunately today was not going to be a day of historical significance but merely a pedal to the flag of day 4.

We started with a stunning breakfast of bread and jam (Obviously the French don't have the same funding as home house) and fully fuelled we made our way eagerly towards Cormeilles.

Little did we know this was situated the opposite side of the Alps, deep in the Amazon basin... If you haven’t already gathered it was a nightmare of hills and rain from start to finish.

Having devoured the single most welcomed trio of omelettes we continued our journey onward (AND UPWARD) towards our final resting place for the night, the Hotel Corne d' Abundance in Bourglaroulde-infraville. Finally an English speaking host for Gav to talk to, and after this morning ''slight incident'' we now have new best friends... Our beds!

Well, that is it I'm afraid and Sister Act 2 is a out to start so I'm going to try decipher 'I will follow him in French.

Here's hoping for a better day 5. Au Revoir.

P.S. No pics I'm afraid, sure you all know what rain looks like.


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