Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day nine.

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Thievery! We threatened to drag the Boulangerie's arse through the courts but they settled with a free cream bun a piece. Great success!

Day 9: scorchio!

The sun was relentless today, beating down on us like some sick yellow ball of sadism whilst we slogged our way over the hills of St Quentin towards Vervins. Luckily we only had 30 miles to cover today and we made good time, arriving at out hotel at about 1.30pm.

The accommodation wasn't bad; after unpacking our bags we went for a drink in the crazy little Grotto bar downstairs, which looked a bit like a hobbit hole.

We then ventured out into Vervins, had a drink or two in the town and found a takeaway pizza place for dinner. We didn't fancy the hobbit hotel menu one little bit.

Jonno treated himself to a Bolognaise pizza, Joe to a pepperoni and Gavsan to a margarita covered in mini cocktail sausages.

After that we headed back to the room to watch what we thought would be yet more rubbish French television. What we found was possibly the greatest cabaret show on earth. It began with a compere announcing something to the audience, surrounded by topless showgirls. Which was nice.

Then they had two hours of variety acts, including the sickest jugglers ever ever ever, an escapologist who actually died on stage and a guy who played Mozart on six flutes at once - four in his mouth and one up each nostril.

Outstanding. Any of them would have rinsed Mentalist Boyle off Britain's Got Talent.

Thus, a fairly routine day ended with a bang, and we all went to bed happy.

Later y'all.


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