Monday, 22 June 2009

Day sixteen.

1000 km

Nummer Zes, our bed and breakfast for the night. Complete with electric moving matresses. Bed goes up, bed goes down...

Day sixteen.

The relentless march towards Arnhem continued apace today as the magnificents ventured deeper into occupied Holland.

Our destination today was the lakeside retreat of Plasmolen, just 10 miles south of Nijmegen. The ride today was long - 70 miles - and windy. But at least there were no stinking hills.

Not a great deal happened to be honest, the good stuff should all go on tomorrow. But we managed to find a McDonalds for lunch, which was a triumph in itself.Oh yeah, and we got to hop on a little boat to take us over a river, which was pretty fun.

Tomorrow's post will have more effort put into it, quite tired today. Adios.


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