Thursday, 18 June 2009

Day fourteen.

Our good friend Derek, the albino reindeer

Our hotel for tonight, the very nice Hotel du Wayai. Nazi salute courtesy of The Raging Inferno, naturally.

The woods outside of Bastogne, where the US Airborne were dug in during the Battle of the Bulge

Day fourteen:

Today, sadly, the magnificents left Bastogne and began the homeward leg of their epic journey.

This morning we said a fond farewell to the Bates Motel and plundered our way back into the Ardennes forest, heading for Spa.

The trip today was still pretty hilly, with a couple of monsters to test the old thighs, but the scenery was again breathtaking and pretty worth it if I'm being honest Bob.

Our hotel tonight is called the Hotel Wayai (geordie owned I think), and is really really nice. It has a pool and a zoo, with goats and a reindeer in it. (The zoo, not the pool)

We're off down the road for a chinese tonight then back for part 3 of the BBC's gripping drama, Occupation, which we have been following with interest for the last couple of nights. Will Mike be able to salvage what's left of his tattered marriage? Will Hibbs lose his head? (Ba dum tish)

It's all too much to bear. Tomorrow - the magnificents arrive in Holland. We love the dutch.


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