Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day eleven.

The Magnificents reach Belgium like Frenchmen - sweaty and covered in flies.

Our lovely bed and breakfast.

Day eleven:

Belgium today baby!! We left the dumphole that was our Revin hotel this morning and headed for the border.

For the first hour we followed the cycle path right along the banks of the River Meuse, which was really really lovely; so lovely in fact that Joe cried. After that we headed into the mountains, at which point Jonno cried.

The climb out of our valley went on for 4 whole horrible, slow, sweaty, hot, minging miles and was probably the hardest part of the trip so far.

The rest of the cycle was easier but still pretty tough, and the monsoon which tagged along with us for the last 15 miles didn't help one little bit. We eventually reached Wellin, exhausted and soaked through, at about 4.30.

Our bed and breakfast was the Mairie Zulma and was superb. It's always a shame when you get a really good place to stay and have to leave after one night. We stayed there all evening due to the apocalyse going on outside and, after a couple of beers and a dinner of Belgium's traditional dish, celery wrapped in ham and cheese (which tasted like nothing more or less than celery wrapped in ham and cheese), we hit the sack.

Last day before the rest day tomorrow. Belgium is good so far!


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