Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day eight.

The Magnificents with their new friend - Big Gay Jean-Christophe.

Day 8: 50 miles: major sunburn.

Today our heroes headed out of the Somme area towards St Quentin, beginning the long road towards Belgium's Ardennes forest.

The ride itself was again pretty uneventful, as everything worth seeing around the area was covered yesterday. One good piece of news, for the St Quentin locals as much as for us, was that we managed to find a laundrette where we could finally de-stink our rotten clothes.

Unfortunately, however, Gav unwittingly de-stank his phone along with all the clothes and by the time the proprietor had understood the phrase ''OPEN THE MACHINE!!'' and opened the machine, the phone had gone to live on the farm.

Tomorrow, we head to Vervins, a small town in Northern France where nothing has ever happened, ever.

Roll on Belgium.


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