Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day ten.

Our hotel for the night. the second * on the sign is actually a collection of tiny little flies.

A beautiful view from the terrace.
As the Magnificents passed into the Ardennes the scenery suddenly turned proper mint like.

Day 10: mucho scorchio!

Another day of slow cooking by the big yellow sicko, but at least today we made it out of the cows, farms and fields of bocage country and into the Ardennes forest, with big mountains, lakes, rivers and, typical of forests, trees.

Our destination today was Revin, about 15 miles from the border with Belgium and, after another uneventful ride of about 45 miles, we got here at about 4.30pm.

The scenery here is pretty breathtaking and will hopefully make the next two days of uphills at least bearable.

Our hotel tonight is the barely 2* Francois Premier, which has more of those stupid pointless tiny little flies in it than people. By about 100 to 1. We are at the bottom of a pretty humid valley though, so its understandable. I guess.

Anyway, no good TV on tonight like last night so its back to watching crap shows in a language none of us really understands. Joy.

Out of France tomorrow, yay! Roll on Belgium...


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