Monday, 22 June 2009

Day fifteen.

Don't worry Holland, we're coming to ruin your day too

Gav and Joe fix a punctured tyre whilst Jonno messes around taking pictures

The Hotel Turboch. That's it.

Day fifteen.

Today we finally said goodbye to the hills and valleys of Belgium and hello pretty mama to the flatness of Holland. We love the Dutch.

After about 20 miles we crossed our third border of the tour and celebrated by taking off our trousers and running naked back into Belgium, then into Holland, then Belgium etc etc, just like the first settlers did.

Slightly further on we were halted in our tracks by a professional cycle race, a warm-up for the Tour de France. The guys in it looked pretty handy; no magnificents but not bad. Then, slightly further on, Gav got a puncture, the first of the Tour. The tyre was successfully changed, I'm happy to report.

Our hotel for the night was the Hotel Terboch in Roosteren and was again of poor quality. In the evening we wandered a couple of km into the centre for some food, crossing the Maas river on the way and in the process going back into Belgium, as the river marks the border. Which was weird. But not that weird really.

Tomorrow will be our longest mileage day of the tour, 60+ miles. Joy.


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